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Best behavior Petg Training, Vero Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I start training my dog?

Dogs are always learning, so training should begin right away. It starts with easy things like familiarizing your pet with your home, showing him the yard, eating and sleeping areas. I recommend having a bit of a plan and teaching their name and maybe sit as soon as possible. Having a trainer come in early can help get things started. I can help you set up your home to facilitate success and teach you a few management techniques mitigate disasters. My methods are enjoyable for you and your dog and create a pathway to success.

When is a dog too young or too old to train?

All dogs can learn as long as they are cognitively aware. Generally, senior dogs are less malleable and set in their ways. Puppies are sponges. You can start teaching pups at 8 weeks, in very short sessions. Don’t underestimate your dogs abilities. I can help you find ways to teach tasks or change behavior. It’s all about finding the motivation at any age.

How many sessions will I need?

Unfortunately, I can’t predict the answer. Every person and every dog is different. My most popular package is in home 4 sessions. In most cases, this is an adequate amount of training. There is, of course, always more we can do. But for basic manners, puppy socialization and minor behavior issues, most of my client are happy with 4 sessions. Rarely is 1visit enough. A follow up session often cements the training.

Which is better for me, group or private training?

Group training is for relatively social dogs to practice in a distracting environment. Group classes are more affordable and with only 6 students, fairly small. They cover the basic skills. And can be a lot of fun if you enjoy a little chaos.
Private training is convenient and tailored to your specific needs. If you or your dog struggle to concentrate, in home training might be a better choice. For dogs that are socially challenged, private training is a must. These dogs have to be gently introduced into society.
Ideally, you could do some in home sessions to learn the new skills in a calm environment. Then attend a group class to achieve fluency.

What dogs need training?

I’m biased, but I think all dogs benefit from at least learning a few skills. Their name, come, sit, stay , leash walking, all are very helpful for a fulfilling life together. You don’t have to have a professional trainer, but there is a science and an art to training. A good trainer can teach you the science and help you develop your artistic talent. That connection between you and your dog is a beautiful thing.

Best behavior Petg Training, Vero Beach