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What We Offer

At Best Behavior Pet Training, my goal is to provide you with the services that suit the needs of you and your pet. I can customize a package for you. Please read a synopsis of my services below, then call me to create a personalized program.
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Pet Dog Manners

Encompasses all the skills necessary for a dog to be a great companion and a joy to live with.

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Behavior Modification

Does your dog need help with fear, phobias or aggression?

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Canine Scent Sports

Currently, Nose works or Scent Sports are extremely popular in the canine community. This fun activity relies on a dog natural sniffing ability to find hidden odors.

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Training South Paw Canine

South Paw Massage and Wellness | Home of the Vero Beach Canine Country Club

Why Choose Best Behavior

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Certified: CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, PCT-A, since 2004

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Twenty-two years of training and competing dogs

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Her dogs and those of her clients have won titles in CPE, AKC, and USDAA agility.

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Are you worried about the aggressive or just generally annoying behavior of your pet? Have them participate in our pet training sessions. In addition to teaching them how to behave well, our pet training classes are also a great way to bond with your furry and feathered friends. Call us today to learn more about the classes and other services we offer.